The brand new video "Black Shining Cloaks" is out now!

Directed by Johan Bååth.

"Black Shining Cloaks" is one of the earliest songs from this album. It is from that time when our previous album was released. We felt from the very beginning that this song is perfect for a music video. We decided about that as the song was born, but this is quite different from the other songs on the album. The tempo, the structure is simpler, but the atmosphere is very strong.

The solo at the end of the song was originally written and played by Mike Wead from King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. I felt that this song needed something unique at the end part, and I asked him what he thinks about it, and he recorded this really outstanding solo part that is the highlight of the song. We are so thankful for it because he is one of my most honoured guitarists. This is a huge honour for us. We worked with Johan Baath again at the beautiful Van der Nootska Palace in Stockholm. The milieu of the building was perfectly suited to our imaginations. The lyrics of the song take us behind the thick curtains of the world of secret societies. A small group of enlightened people, who since the birth of mankind, have controlled and formed the human world; creating ages, cultures, and history from the beginning. They drive the humanity through the ages to the very end, the deification of man. As the light split into colours by the prism, they split the knowledge into a thousand pieces, creating ideologies, cults and religions all around the world. You cannot find the original divine light among those colours, nor the truth among the religions or have to unify them to see it. There is only one light and the infinite darkness, the origin of everything, which allows for this light to shine.” (Sahsnot)

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